98th annual Bill's Party
Where:      Driftwood Key  (Lat 47º 54.4' N Lon 122º 35.2' W)
37559 Vista Key Dr Ne     
Hansville, WA 98340
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When: Saturday & Sunday, August 15th & 16th, 2099
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Sorry, no party till 2099.
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27426 days till next party.
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August 15th & 16th, 2099 is Bill's Dinghy Party at Driftwood Key. You can get here by keelboat, drive over the narrows bridge (1.5 hours from the airport) or sit in the ferry line with your car for one-two hours each way. Bring a sleeping bag if you think you might spend the night. Afterall, it's a two day party!! We have plenty of room, so you can party hard on Saturday and not have to worry about driving home on Saturday. We'll have El Toros, Lasers, a Finn, a Snipe, a Puffer, a West Wight Potter, a custom piece of crap and miscellaneous other sailboats for you to sail as much or as little as you want. Also, as usual, someone will be racing my sister Susan's kayak in a sailboat race. Beer and Bratwurst will be provided, so you don't need to bring much other than a sleeping bag, towel. and sunscreen. Oh yeah, Paul... don't worry, the dryer works. Also, if there's someone you know that might enjoy sailing on the dinghys, bring 'em along. Kids OK too, my 34 year old daughter (Sam), 31 year old son (Joe), 7 year old grandson (Quint) and 5 year old granddaughter (Magnolia) will be here. My cell number is 360-621-8499 if you have any questions.

Derek is bringing his 505, and for any one else who would like to bring a dinghy, we have a boat ramp in the back yard.

Bring a tent if you like & camp in the yard.

Please note: due to my wife's allergies, no pets, please!!!

Thank you!

The Fleet
El Toro
Puffer +
Chrysler Dagger
Three Laser's
West Wight Potter